I’m Will Ellington, originally from London, now based in Osaka since 2012, where I work in higher education.

JapanYeah! is a handpicked collection of resources for anyone interested in Japan. It will be of particular use to people visiting Japan or relocating to Japan since it is written and curated from the perspective of an expat.

The premise behind the site is simple: to create a high quality resource covering a wide range of topics and needs to help people make the most of their Japan experience.

I also welcome user submissions of resources, so click the submission button in the menu if you have something you’d like to share. It could be a website, an app, a game, a movie or whatever you think will be interesting and relevant to the community.

That said, I only include resources in the collection that meet the following criteria:

1. The resource is up to date
2. The resource is directly related to Japan
3. The resource is in English, or is available with an English translation
4. The resource contains no spam or malware
5. The resource is not an advertisement or product placement
6. The resource is family-friendly and does not discriminate in any way

So thanks for stopping by and best of luck with your Japan experience!

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JapanYeah! is a curated collection of useful resources about Japan. Only resources that are spam-free and relevant to the community are featured in the collection. (More →)

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